7 months on

7 months on

Well it’s been a journey. I have had losses and gains, on the positive side I have lost 1 stone 9 pounds. Last few

Weeks I have been more off plan than usual and I have come to a decision that I will no longer be Attending SlimmingWorld meetings. As I work evenings, nights getting up to get weighed at 9.30 am is too early for me. The evening ones are on days I am unable to go to as I am at work. I was going to join as an online member but that costs almost as much as going to meetings.

We are having a weekly weigh in at work every week on a set of static scales so will still be using the plan just not paying £5 to weigh myself.

Some Things SlimmingWorld has taught me and I try to incorporate more into my daily foods.

  • Eat Tomatoes daily
  • Have plenty of fruit and raw veg
  • No bread
  • Watch your treats
The First Week

The First Week

I have to confess to not being very impressed at my first meeting. The meeting was being held in small room so we only had the intro and the weigh in, not the group meeting.

Hannah the Slimming World consultant was great, she got all the new members together and talked us through what a normal meeting involved. There is a thirty minute slot at the start of the meeting for us to get weighed, then we get an hour for group where we celebrate weight losses and discuss ways to help those of us struggling.

Each meeting has a basket for all the members to add an item to for the slimmer of the week. The person who loses the most weight that week wins it. I generally take a tin of mackerel in tomato sauce. In our group there is also a raffle of a basket of low syn or syn free goodies for 10p a ticket.

I am still slightly confused by one thing. There is a queue where you line up along side the goodies table where you can buy slimming world snacks and books to check in and there is another queue that says express check in to get weighed. However when I lined up in the express one as I have a twelve week membership I was told to join the main queue. I can recommend staying for group as there is a lot you can learn and tips to help you stay on track.

The journey so far

The journey so far

I have failed miserably updating the blog weekly. Life is very busy at the moment and I don’t seem to have time for anything.

Here’s my journey through Slimming World so far. I am on week six and have lost a total of 11 pounds. I am happy with this. Whilst I am sticking to the plan, if I want a syn I will have it. The difference from before is that I will limit myself a bit more. So instead of having a handful of chocolates I will only have a couple. One slice of toast instead of two etc.

I am pleased with my progress. There was only one week where I put on a pound. Now don’t laugh but I swear that was down to the dress. The previous week I had worn a lightweight chiffon dress , the week I put on the pound I wore a heavy long jersey dress with cycling shorts.  Now I wear the same outfit every week. It would be great to lose half a stone but realistically I am happy with a pound or two. This has to be something I will continue to do once I have lost all the weight , so if I fall off the wagon for a day and go back to it, that’s fine with me.

Most of the free foods I have memorised but I still haven’t quite got to grips with the super free foods but I am making progress. The most shocking thing for me was the fact that I became constipated. I have always been regular and to be eating all this extra fruit and veg and suddenly get constipated was a shock to me. I still can’t get my head around it. To me it just does not make sense. How can I be constipated?

A Google search confirmed it is quite common, it’s your body adjusting to the new food you are eating. I still don’t understand it, but I am making sure I am drinking lots of water and being active which helps…… a bit.

Next time I will write about the meeting.

The Journey Begins

The Journey Begins

I already have a blog where I update all my crafting. I wanted to have a seperate log of my journey on my first diet/eating plan. I hope to update this weekly and tell you my progress, where I’ve failed and anything I find out that I would have liked some one to have told me when I started. My first post is from jensewsandknits.com,

I took up the offer at my doctors surgery for an NHS health check. I had the bloods taken and went back fully expecting to find out I had bad blood pressure or diabetes.
I was lucky, it turns out my heart rate and blood pressure is good and they have no concerns about my cholesterol. I was shocked and relieved. The only concern was my BMI which I knew. I am too heavy. I am fat.
The nurse offered me a 12 week session with Slimming World or Weight Watchers. I chose Slimming World.
I don’t do diets and have never been on a diet in my life but I do want to get fitter,and be there for my grandchildren when they get older. I am telling everyone I work with and all those I know so that I am more likely to stick to it. It has been three weeks now and it has been an eyeopener. It turns out for the most part I was eating the right food just not enough and of course there were times when I did eat rubbish . It’s been a mixed start but I made the right choice in choosing Slimming World.

I am impressed with how easy slimming world is. It took me a few days to get round the speed foods that are the best free foods to have but I am sticking to it. Slimming world is basically going back to basics and cooking from scratch using no oil and the foods they class as free foods. You also get to treat yourself each day with syns. It is still a bit of a learning curve to check the book or website to find out if some foods are free or syns but I am enjoying it and  making slow but steady progress