The First Week

The First Week

I have to confess to not being very impressed at my first meeting. The meeting was being held in small room so we only had the intro and the weigh in, not the group meeting.

Hannah the Slimming World consultant was great, she got all the new members together and talked us through what a normal meeting involved. There is a thirty minute slot at the start of the meeting for us to get weighed, then we get an hour for group where we celebrate weight losses and discuss ways to help those of us struggling.

Each meeting has a basket for all the members to add an item to for the slimmer of the week. The person who loses the most weight that week wins it. I generally take a tin of mackerel in tomato sauce. In our group there is also a raffle of a basket of low syn or syn free goodies for 10p a ticket.

I am still slightly confused by one thing. There is a queue where you line up along side the goodies table where you can buy slimming world snacks and books to check in and there is another queue that says express check in to get weighed. However when I lined up in the express one as I have a twelve week membership I was told to join the main queue. I can recommend staying for group as there is a lot you can learn and tips to help you stay on track.


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